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Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Sex Furniture

Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Sex Furniture

When it comes to exploring love-making, there is no end to it, and you and your partner can go as far as your imaginations can take you. You can experiment with as many various positions as you can wish. However, some may be limited by your body’s flexibility or some physical handicap in you or your partner’s body. Fortunately, sex furniture comes in handy to help you achieve whichever position you may imagine. You can count on this website to help choosing the right sex chair for you or other pieces of sex furniture. This is because they specialize in selling top-notch intimate furniture to transform your bedroom into a real adult’s playground.

Below are some mistakes to avoid when picking sex furniture to spice up your sex life:

Disregarding the Size of Furniture

Idiregarding size of chairt is critical to consider the users’ size, which will determine the dimensions of sex furniture. It would help if you first took your measurements when buying erotic furniture to ensure you get the right size to serve you well. It would also help considering special cases you may have like excess weight since there are chairs and couches for plus-sizes or even very short users. The size of the furniture will influence how well you can achieve the positions you want, so do not ignore it at all.

Focusing Mainly on Price

As is usually the case, you may want to save some bucks while shopping for your intimate chair. However, you must remain focused on the quality of the piece, the design, shape and even the covering material, all of which will help you achieve your intended purpose. It would help first to identify what you want the sex chair or couch to help you achieve and look for exactly the item that will meet that need. You can then visit several shops for the intimate furniture to compare prices and the items and then buy from the one selling at a reasonable price the piece of furniture that suits your need.

Not Considering Cleaning

Love-making is a messy activity and will surely leave your couch or chair soiled or dirty in some way. For this reason, you must think about how possible it will be to clean the furniture as you buy it. The best thing some come with covers that can be wiped clean and others with a zip-in top material which you can remove and wash in the machine or otherwise. As you choose your intimate furniture, consider your preferred cleaning method and buy the one that will allow that. The biggest mistake you could commit is to buy a piece of fake sex furniture that cannot be cleaned since you could have to throw it away sooner than later.

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Sex Toy Hygiene Practices You Should Observe

Sex Toy Hygiene Practices You Should Observe

For many, sex toys are essential devices that help to spice up their sex lives. They can be used by single people and also those in a relationship. Sex toys are designed to help one attain their orgasms fast by pleasuring themselves. Different features like the vibrating effect help in stimulating the genitals. You will also come across sex toys designed for both genders. has a wide range of them you can sample to identify the best. If you are in a relationship and plan to use one, then it is important to inform your partner before the act. This is because some people are less comfortable using these devices. Sex toys have played an essential role in keeping most relationships intact. This is because of the sexual satisfaction they bring.

Taking proper care of these devices will ensuresex toy hygiene they serve you for an extended period. Most of them are powered by a battery, so you should ensure you have enough battery cells, or they are fully charged. Sex toy hygiene is also essential because you might expose yourself to several health risks if you fail to observe the right practices. Many have contracted illnesses because of failure to observe proper sex toy hygiene. The following are sex toy hygiene practices that must be followed.

Cleaning and Disinfecting

You should clean your sex toys all the time after use. This helps to ensure they are in the perfect state before storing them. Disinfecting your sex toys is also essential in eliminating stubborn germs that can subject you to several health risks. These practices should be carried out regularly to ensure these devices are in the right state and free from germs.

Proper Storage

It is another essential practice you need to carry out to ensure your sex toy is in the right state. The environment where you store this device plays a critical role in ensuring it is clean and in the right state. You should look for a clean and dry environment to keep your sex toy. It is best if you wrap it with a dry cloth.

Avoid Sharing

Sharing your sex toys puts you at a high riskclean sex toy of contracting a wide range of illnesses. This is more likely to happen if you share it with someone who has any sexually transmitted infection. You should, therefore, stick to using your sex toy by yourself to avoid contracting an STI. Follow these hygiene practices to stay safe when using these devices.…

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Three Ways to Have Fun with Yourself Sexually: A Sex Tip for Males

Three Ways to Have Fun with Yourself Sexually: A Sex Tip for Males

All men should know how to please themselves. This statement needs to be restated over and over again because masturbation for men is rarely discussed appealingly. It is as if men are conditioned to be sexually dependent on women (unless you are gay). And one thing to note about men in the gay community, they seem to have more abundant sources of discussion on male masturbation than the heterosexual guys. Doesn’t it make you jealous?

Here, we’ll find out how you can relieve your sexual urge without anyone’s help, but your creative mind and your hands. 


Fleshlights are basic when it comes to male masturbation. But you don’t just limit yourself to the conventional because the technology has stepped up the game for male pleasure. 

First, there is the porn-actress signature fleshlight. Actresses like Stoya, Riley Reid, Eva Lovia, Tori Black, and Alexis Texas have their vaginas or mouths scanned and cast into their signature fleshlights. Watch this video to know how serious the industry is in recreating anatomically-correct fleshlights:

Second, and here is where the ultimate magic happens, brands like Lovense and Kiiro Onyx have made the integration of VR (Virtual Reality) tech with fleshlights possible. You can literally feel every thrust and stimulation you see on your VR headset!

Butt Plugs

Who says that playing with your back door is exclusive to gays? For your information, male’s G-spot lies there waiting to be explored too. Anal penetration can surely bring new experience to your sex life, especially when you do it yourself. 

And just like fleshlights, there are butt plugs that can work with your smartphone, the Lovense. You can control the vibration level that feels most comfortable to you without having to be troubled with a wired controller or anything impractical like that. All you need is your phone to have fun!

Prostate Massagers

g spot massagerIf you’ve just heard about this, then congratulations! Actually, prostate massagers are the latest development of butt plugs. But instead of stimulating by penetration only, a prostate massager has an appendage that is designed to contact with your testicles. However, since the size of this toy is not small, you’d better not use it unless you are familiar with anal penetration. Again, we’d like to remind you that trying to enjoy penetrative masturbation has nothing to do with your sexual orientation. If a number can comfort you, according to Metro UK, more men were enjoying pegging in 2018 than in any of the previous years. 

And as a starter, why don’t you try a butt plug first and see if you want to get something that can reach your love hole even deep further? 

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Surprising Benefits of Sex Toys

Surprising Benefits of Sex Toys

Many people are looking for different ways of spicing their sex life. People seek sexual pleasure in various ways. Traditionally people were restricted to their partners for sexual gratification. This was, however, a concern for people who preferred going solo. This is the reason that leads to the invention of the sex toys.

We have sex toys for both men and women that have spiced up the sexual life of many individuals. One of the frequently asked questions about the sex toys is their benefits. Well, this article talks about some of the benefits of the sex toys.

Increased Self-Awareness

lady showing her man condomOne of the benefits of the sex toys is that it has led to increased self-awareness. The use of the sex toys has made couple aware of the unexplored tenets in their bodies.

Whereas it is not possible to completely replace a partner with the sex toys, the sex toys help in increasing the self-awareness as far as sex is concerned.

Sexual Performance

The use of the sex toys also enhances the sexual performance.  The use of sex toys introduces various roles to the couples who can take advantage and make their sex life more fun. The use of the sex toys also opens up partners who get to know some of the fantasies of their partners.

Quicker Orgasm

Many women never get to experience orgasm. In fact, it is said that only 30 percent of the women have a regular orgasm. One of the reasons that make it difficult for many women not to orgasm is that their partners never get to hit at the right tenets.

Since the sex toys increase sex awareness as far as the unexplored tenets are concerned, partners can hit the right spots which make the women get a quicker orgasm. If your woman has never reached an orgasm, then consider purchasing a sex toy for her.

Rejuvenate the Genitals

It has been established that the sex toys can help in the rejuvenation of the genitals. The vibrators, for instance, can relieve the symptoms of intense sexual encounters by improving the elasticity and tone of the vaginal walls which results in the improved sexual sensation.

This will also help the vagina which lubrication which is a vital element if the people are to enjoy sexual intercourse. After childbirth or some gynecological surgery, sex toys will help the mothers to heal quickly.


black handcuffs Sex toys are usually personal and are thus safe to use. After using the sex toys, an individual is typically required to clean them.  You cannot contract sexually transmitted infections by using the sex toys.

If you want to experience the sexual pleasure without concerns of contracting diseases, then invest in a sex toy.





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How to Become a Female Escort

How to Become a Female Escort

The demand for female escorts is on the rise as people in business transverse the globe to cut business deals. Just like any other job, you need to be appropriately trained to be a successful escort. This job requires people of great personality.

The person should quickly adapt to various conditions and circumstances of this industry.  Since there is limited information out there on how to be a female escort, I decided to explore this subject. The read gives a summary on how to become a female escort.

Think Through

escort posing One of the things that you will have to do is to think through. Thinking through will help you determine whether you are ready to take up this role or not. You should note that to become a female escort will require some level of commitment. Money should not be the motivating factor, but the passion of being beside the successful businessmen should be your great motivation.

You should also think about the reaction that you will get from your friends and families and how their responses will be like. Since being female escorts may require you to venture into some sexual encounters with your clients, determine whether you will be ready to handle the resulting emotional effects.


Secondly, you have to determine why you need to be an escort. To become a professional female escort, you need to be motivated to work. In most cases the female escorts are typically busy especially at night, you should be able to stay late and work for these hours.

You should also be ready to have various sexual relations with men without having any strings attached. Most of the female escorts are usually sexy with great body shapes.

Rules and Guidelines

sexy female escort Just like any other game, becoming a female escort has its own rules and guidelines. Learn the rules and guidelines so that you are always on the safe side. Since your security is paramount, you should take proactive steps to prevent yourself from any threats to your life.

Look for some of the safe ways of transacting cash. For this kind of work, the money paid is typically referred to as donation and is usually placed in some parts of the room.  You should also note that saying no to certain things is okay and you should always resolve to have a good time with your clients.

Right Personality

Last but not least, have the right personality if you want to make it as a female escort.  If you are the person who wants commitment or you are looking for love, then this kind of assignment is not the right option for you.

If you want to become a female escort, you will need to distinguish between your personal needs and the professional realities.






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